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Education Pathways

Are you looking for a way to get a leg-up on other applicants when applying for jobs? Maybe you’re a life-long learner, or have changed your mind about what you want to be when you grow up or simply never thought university was an option for you. Well, life-long learners, school-addicts, and people who are generally looking to shine a little brighter than the next guy, adding an advanced diploma, grad certificate or degree to your suite of credentials might be just the ticket. If you’re feeling like you need more school in your life, be sure to check out the vast array of pathway opportunities available to you, including some pretty sweet study abroad options.✈️ Check your program page or follow the blue pathway to the Education Pathways Website for the latest deets…. #keeplearning #flemingpathways


Final Grades Are Coming….

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So what is “your final grade?”

  1.  “My faculty ran into me in the hallways and told me I got an 80% in COMM 123”
    Not final
  2. “D2L says I have 80% in COMM 123” – Not final
  3. “When I log into MyCampus and go to Grades (on the left-side menu) it shows me I have a 80% in COMM 123” – FINAL!

Official final grades are released by the Office of the Registrar and posted in MyCampus! Bottom line it’s not considered final until the grade is posted in  MyCampus.

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Time is running out! 😲 We’re in the final week of the semester. Final grades are starting to roll in, hurrah! 😀
WAIT… you got a 49% in SOCI 62!?!? SERIOUSLY…

So what do you do now? Going to your professor and begging, “pretty, pretty, pretty please give me 1%” isn’t going to cut it. So can you start an academic appeal? 🤔
Maybe…or maybe not…

Here are some questions to ask before you begin an academic appeal:
  1. Do I have sufficient grounds to appeal?
  2. Do I have documentation to substantiate the grounds?
  3. Can I demonstrate that I have met the learning outcomes of the course?
If you answered YES to questions 1 – 3, PROCEED! 👍… If NO, don’t GO! 👎
Just remember you only have 10 business days from the time your final grade is released in MyCampus to begin the appeal process!


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You have graduated! 🎓 YAY! Congratulations! 👏
Now what? Creating a well-rounded job search plan to land that perfect job in your new career is just as important as developing an outstanding resume and cover letter.  If you are not sure where to start contact Career Services at for assistance.

show-and-tellShow & Tell

What do you get when you give Fleming’s Sustainable Building Design and Construction students an overabundance of straw bales…….? A sustainable classroom at Thomas A. Stewart! THAT’S WHAT!
17 Sustainable Building Design and Construction students, from Fleming College’s Haliburton Campus are taking part in this project. This 2700 square foot building will be used for multiple different courses at Thomas A. Stewart and is expected to be completed in October. It has also been featured in articles from and Click the links to read those articles.



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